“ Adam Michelman has been tuning our pianos at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club for the last decade. He is a knowledgeable, meticulous, musically sensitive, expert craftsman and superb piano technician who cares 100% about his work. Adam is completely professional and thorough. He is also aware of the wear and tear that both our theater performance and rehearsal pianos go through, and is particularly attuned to the realities of working on much-used and aggressively-played pianos and keyboard instruments. I thoroughly recommend Adam for all your professional and home piano-tuning needs.”

Nicky Paraiso
Director of Programming, The Club at La MaMa
Curator, La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival
Actor, Pianist, Singer



“ I am Director of Piano Studies in the Music Department, and thus had occasion to be aware in great detail of all of Adam’s work on our instruments. Throughout the year, Adam’s work was exemplary. His regular tunings of concert hall, classroom, and practice room instruments were always perfect and on point. Adam also accomplished numerous small and sometimes medium sized repair jobs on our instruments as needed, always with great skill and fluency and always handled quickly. He was also very easy to work with; our rapport, and Adam’s rapport with my colleagues in the department was always very positive.”

Geoffrey Burleson
Director of Piano Studies
Hunter College of the City of New York



“ I have had Mr. Michelman working on my piano in New York City for the last several years. I can testify that he is a fine, knowledgeable and experienced craftsman as a piano technician/tuner. I can say that in my experience, where other technicians failed, Mr. Michelman has proven to be most capable, helpful and accomplished master of his craft.”

Dmitry Rachmanov, DMA
Professor of Piano / Chair of Keyboard Studies
California State University Northridge - Department of Music



“ Adam Michelman has been tuning my Steinway for nearly 12 years. I can say unequivocally that there is nobody I would rather have take care of my instrument. He is a top-notch technician, he is completely reliable, and most importantly, he cares about the work that he does. Adam usually "checks in" with me after a tuning or regulation, to make sure that the piano sounds great and that I am happy with the work he has done. In this way, he is a true craftsman: he is someone who puts in careful and excellent work, combined with "above and beyond" customer service after the fact.”

Blair McMillen
Concert Pianist
Bard College/Conservatory Faculty Since 2005



“ Adam is very responsive and professional. He is highly qualified and always extends himself to explain any issues with the pianos. He has an extremely positive attitude and has been a pleasure to work with.”

Harriet Lewis
Director of Operations
Hebrew Union College



“ Adam is very skilled, reliable and has always helped us to make the client or artist happy. His complete dedication to the job at hand is only surpassed by his professionalism toward clients, management and crew. Whenever Adam reports to me about the status of the Piano at hand, I understand more deeply how conscientious he is. Adam is always aware of his responsibility, adapts well to his surroundings and knows how to get the job done even when there are very specific requests. He doesn't exaggerate and he is very clear, thus helping us to understand how to better care for the instruments.”

Richie Clark
Technical Director | Chief Sound Engineer
(Le) Poisson Rouge



“ While I count on Mr. Michelman’s ability to address issues with pianos properly, I can equally count on his professionalism and dependability.”

Chad Frye
Manager, Retail Services
Steinway Hall, New York



“Adam's a great technician, and a great guy! He's my Go-To Technician. He's stabilized my piano, improved its sound by working on the voicing, and really helped me understand what to do to keep it working. I happily have him over twice a year.”

Dan Castello, NYC


" Mr. Michelman is a gifted and highly professional Piano Technician, Tuner and Repairman.   He has serviced our Baldwin Grand Piano's many needs for several years and we are delighted with his craftsmanship.

My Wife Carol, who is a respected Manhattan Piano teacher and Juilliard Graduate has also recommended Mr. Michelman to numerous piano student clients, who possess a wide variety of instruments, requiring diverse solutions.

I have appreciated Adam's reliable, friendly nature and caring attention to our Beloved Baldwin and would encourage anyone to make use of his knowledge and experience in the care of their Piano.”

Stephen Kechulius
Opera Singer, Pianist, Composer




“Adam Michelman has been my piano technician/tuner for several years now. He is very thorough and professional - he knows what he's doing. As a musician, I need my piano to be in top condition, and Adam takes care of my piano quite well. I continue to recommend him to my colleagues and students.”

Beata Moon
Pianist, Composer




“I've had my piano in the care of Adam Michelman for many years, and hope to do so for many years to come. He's a brilliant technician, and an ethical person, one of the best technicians of any kind, one of the best human beings of any kind I know.”

Raymond Beegle
Faculty member in the Chamber Music Division, Manhattan School of Music, NYC.



“Over the last 7 years it has been a pleasure working with Adam Michelman.  As a piano technician he has taken great care not only of our instrument but also our clients.  We always know that the smallest details as well as the details that have not yet occurred, are always being looked after."

Jonathan Talley
Production Manager
(le) poisson rouge